Jean Hendry – Flashes of Brilliance

What would it take for you to own your brilliance? To consistently show up authentically and completely you? To believe in your giftedness? To be congruent inside and out? And – gasp – to show it to the world?!!

The more congruent we are, the clearer our brilliance becomes. Living congruently starts by creating harmony within ourselves, and Jean supports you in doing just that – recognizing and owning your brilliance, genuinely being and looking the part. Her passion for helping people discover their inner giftedness and learn how to present themselves authentically dovetails beautifully with her dedication to effective learning and uncommon ability to move individuals, teams and organizations towards alignment –  a perfect fit for the Be Intentional guiding philosophy!

Jean’s specialties include:

  • Engagement consulting
  • Congruency coaching
  • Professional presence & authentic presentation
  • Integrated objective-based event design
  • Facilitated large room events
  • Team-building leadership development
  • Instructional design and training development
  • Strategic planning

With nearly 30 years of training development, instructional design, workshop, event planning, facilitation and sales experience, Jean has a solid reputation for consistently seeing the big picture and developing effective strategies that truly transform businesses and people. Gifted at creating transformative experiential events and teaching others to do the same, Jean is in high demand in the corporate training world as one of the best facilitators in the business.

An expert in adult-learning and a Human Software Engineering practitioner, Jean is the Principal Partner at Flashes of Brilliance, and a founding partner and officer of Swizzle, specializing in development and facilitation of high-impact engaging custom learning programs and coaching. She is also a founding Principal Partner in Be Intentional.