Adult Learner Expertise

When it comes to hooking and holding the attention of adult learners and ensuring they walk out with the value they came for, the Be Intentional team is unmatched. WE SUPPORT corporate enterprises, small businesses, not-for-profit agencies, spiritual centers and individual practitioners. WE UNDERSTAND the importance of making the content accessible and the learning relevant […]

Asian Woman Thinking

Dare to Transform!

HOW SUCCESSFUL CAN YOU REALLY BE? Our work is focused on helping organizations and individuals up-level their capacity for excellence by providing services and tools that replace limiting thinking and behavior with empowered choice. Whether you (or your team) need to improve interactions with others, increase your ability to deal with conflict and difficult situations, […]

Workshops & Training

If ACTIONABLE Knowledge is Your Goal, Be(ing) Intentional is For You! Not all training is effective. To be truly effective learning events must result in your: Clearly hearing the key points; Understanding them fully; Having a context in which to put new information; Easily grasping the relevancy to your life- or professional experience; Being able […]