Ignite Your Intention – A Be Intentional Event

Research has proven that it’s not enough to resolve to be different – sustainable change must be empowered by more than our will. It must tap into universal power and activate the transformative energy of intention.

Intention draws on inspiration and the desires of our essential nature. Can you readily articulate your heart’s desire? Our conditioning often obscures our ability to even know what our deepest desires are! Uncovering and aligning with our inherent gifts and talents requires clearing the many barriers standing in the way of our knowing what we want and impacting our ability to live intentionally in order to experience it. We must learn to use the life-changing power of Intention.

Ignite Your Intention! will help you do just that.

Two Options – Workshop or Private Session

Workshop: The two-session 6-hour Ignite Your Intention! workshop is designed to enable participants to:

  • Get clear about and be able to articulate their desires
  • Reveal and repattern any obstacles in the way of realizing those desires
  • Create dynamic, aligned intentions for moving forward
  • Develop & repattern powerful intention statements with which to replace old thoughts and behaviors.

Provides tools, techniques, one-on-one &  group support, and EER (Emotional Energetic Repatterning) using the WaveMaker.

Available Facilitators: Kathy Young

Group Size: Minimum 4 people, maximum 20. Group organizer coordinates with selected facilitator for day/time/location decisions.

Workshop Cost: Contact us for pricing

Private Session: This 2.5 hour one-on-one Ignite Your Intention! session will provide the same outcomes in a shorter, more intensive format.

Available Facilitators: Kathy Young

Session Cost: Contact us for pricing

Why wait any longer to step into Intentional Living?

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