Katherine Young – The Intentional Leadership Institute

Kathy’s creativity and unique talent for effective communication, interpersonal dynamics, interactivity and multi-platform media production are integral to improving the  efficacy of important interactions of all kinds. With a global client list covering everything from Fortune 100 firms to mid-sized companies to governmental and non-profit  agencies, educational institutions, spiritual centers and small start-ups, her expertise in relationships and in learning- and communication styles brings performance  improvement to life – and life to work!

Never one to accept the myth that learning has to be dry and boring or that entertainment can’t be educational, Kathy was an early pioneer in the fields of edutainment and  adult-learner engagement. Her specialties include:

          • Interpersonal communication
          • Leadership development
          • Building high-performing workplace communities
          • Executive, Professional & Life coaching
          • High-impact interactive media production
          • Team-building

A master facilitator and engaging instructor, Kathy is certified in Emergenetics, The Leadership Circle 360, The Leadership Circle System, ESP Hiring, SQ21, Spectrum Coaching, and Professional Facilitation, and is the creator/developer of Intentional Communication and Intentional Professional Interactions. As Executive Director of IntentionWise, she is focused on helping organizations develop and sustain mindful and effective professional interactions. Kathy is also a founding Principal Partner of the Be Intentional consortium and a founding partner and officer of IntentionWorks, specializing in high-impact engaging custom learning programs and coaching. She recently completed a Master’s Degree course of study in Consciousness.