About Us…

in•ten•tion•al   [in-ten-shuh-nl]: of or pertaining to intention or purpose.

At Be Intentional, we’re passionate about leveraging the power of intention. We are engaged in the creation, synthesis, and delivery of practical, applicable, and accessible information and tools to support intentional professional and personal transformation of organizations and individuals.

Proven Leadership

Our leadership team knows what it takes to inspire and develop others. We have worked extensively with corporate, small business, start-up,  not-for-profit, educational, governmental, and spiritually-oriented organizations. Perspective matters – and ours is uncommon.

Kathy Young

Kathy Young

Uncommon Focus, Uncommon Results

Whether working with organizations, teams, leaders or individuals, our work is focused on:

  • Raising awareness, skill and understanding
  • Developing high-level proficiency and alignment
  • Encouraging authenticity, cultivating courage, expanding confidence
  • Supporting personal, professional \, and organizational congruency
  • Up-leveling individual and collective capacity to contribute in a meaningful way
  • Developing healthy workplace cultures

Unique. Coherent. Transformative.

Designed as a holistic solution organization, Be Intentional provides multiple and customized solution sets containing elements that build upon each other. Our work is all about supporting our clients in being uniquely who and what they desire to be. We don’t prescribe WHAT to do, but rather help organizations and individuals learn HOW to do it. Our first step is to help raise awareness to the components that need to be considered and included to effect sustainable change. Then we help make shift happen by:

  • Delivering specific focus via coaching, training, and support to enable organizations, teams and individuals to realize their intentions.
  • Supporting ongoing skills development and performance proficiency through custom-designed development plans.
  • Connecting our clients and collaboration partners with other relevant resources.