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If ACTIONABLE Knowledge is Your Goal, Be(ing) Intentional is For You!

Not all training is effective. To be truly effective learning events must result in your:

  • Clearly hearing the key points;
  • Understanding them fully;
  • Having a context in which to put new information;
  • Easily grasping the relevancy to your life- or professional experience;
  • Being able to retain it, and most importantly leaving fully capable of applying it in real-world settings.

In other words, you have to know what was said, how it fits, why you should care, how to use it in your own world, and how to put it into immediate and productive application.

We Are Masters at Effective & Actionable Knowledge Transfer. (In fact, we’ve been teaching trainers, instructional designers, coaches, and communication experts all over the world to do it better for almost 15 years!)

Whether you need a custom professional development initiative, a leadership training & development program, 1:1 coaching for a few key organizational leaders, or want to attend a public workshop, we promise you’ll get incredible usable value from every Be Intentional program.  More importantly, we’ll deliver on that promise!

Summer 2015 Featured Workshop

Intentional High Performance


Creativity, productivity and focus are required ingredients for success at work, at school and at home. Learn what it takes to optimize your productivity and experience practical techniques that you can use to expedite your growth. Enjoy a greater sense of satisfaction by increasing your ability to adapt, communicate and collaborate at work, in your community, and at home. This is powerful and transformative stuff!

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