What We Do

Excited WomanAt Be Intentional, we’re all about freedom & empowerment.

Some people call us life-transformation specialists. Others say we’re productivity experts. And still others refer to us as, well, magic-makers (which is a bit over-the-top …).

The truth is, we are uniquely qualified to help organizations and individuals achieve their desires.

We understand, use, & teach the transformational power of intentionality. Our intention is to support people from all walks of life by teaching how to achieve personal and professional freedom – what we call Intentional Living. We’re dedicated to providing skills and tools to help raise awareness, end self-limiting behaviors, and infuse professional and personal experiences with meaning. Most importantly, we only teach what we know works: we’ve used everything we offer to transform our own personal and professional lives.

We specialize in working with those whose work touches many. Whether you lead a business team, not-for-profit agency, or spiritual community; whether you are a first-responder, health professional, social worker, coach, trainer or other support provider – we’re here to support you! The Be Intentional team has unique expertise in hooking and holding the attention of adults and ensuring new information moves into immediately usable knowledge. We provide training on key techniques to help you free yourself (and your clients) from stress, unhealthy attachments, and limiting behavior. We use proven instructional tools that increase effectiveness and efficiency in everything we do. We teach the skills necessary to make intentionality work in your life, your business – and our world.

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