Interested in Becoming Even More Effective at Supporting Others?

Smiling ManThe demand for highly-trained, skilled and qualified facilitators/coaches committed to help support others on their journey to being the best they can be is rapidly growing. Research into the impact of the mind-body connection has definitively shown that thoughts and emotions play a key role in physical and emotional health, relationship success, workplace performance, and virtually every other arena of our lives. People at every level from every walk of life engage in self-limiting behavior based in fear and anxiety.

The need is enormous. It’s true that everyone has experienced some level of trauma at some point.

  • As young children we may have felt out of control, been terrorized by a raging parent, lost a loved one, been ostracized, experienced abuse, gotten lost, developed a fear of needles, had nightmares, been in a car accident, etc.
  • As adults we may have lost a parent, friend, spouse or child, failed publicly, experienced the unspeakable atrocities of war, been raped, robbed or otherwise victimized by crime, struggled with addiction, suffered physical illness, gone through divorce, endured incarceration, experienced financial challenges, etc.

Unhappy Older CoupleMore importantly, studies have shown that the effects of traumatic or stressful events and experiences remain – lodging in the body, lingering in the subconscious, & adversely affecting our ability to thrive.

Emotional energetic re-patterning using proven Pure Awareness techniques dissolves those effects and resolves residual stress and trauma.

If you’re a therapist, a first-responder, a coach, a social worker, an efficiency consultant, or in spiritual leadership, this is work you definitely want to learn. If you help others, this training is appropriate no matter your field. Whether you support military, police, fire and rescue workers or their families; deal with catastrophic illness, hospice, or addicts; support abuse survivors, struggling families, or troubled youth; or help improve workplace efficacy, team dynamics, and individual/group performance you and your clients will benefit significantly.