What Our Clients Say

Profound Change

Women's Resource Agengcy Integrating this work with the women we serve at the Women’s Resource Agency has been profound, lasting and easy to facilitate. I have used Awareness techniques      one-on-one with clients as well as in group settings. This work has transformed the way I approach my work with women in need and also how I live my life personally.

Aubrey Terry, MSW
Director of Supportive Services

A New Way of Thinking & Doing

My personal coaching experience has been incredibly uplifting.  In a one on one with my Be Intentional Coach, I really began to see what this process was really all about.  It is not just about the team, it is about you and how you see yourself on the team, and for that matter, in life.  I am doing and thinking differently as a direct result of my time with my coach.  Not only at work, but in my personal life.  I gained a new way of thinking and a new way of doing. The time I spent with my coach is something that is immeasurable and I greatly appreciate them.  The work they do is truly amazing!                                                       Deb Macy, Leadership Foundation

Masterful Facilitation

Kathy Young is a masterful and heart centered facilitator.  Her gifts are simultaneously skilled and professional while being amazingly intuitive and effective.  I was part of a group of 9 people she guided through a several month Intentional Living process that not only created a cherished level of closeness and friendship between the participants, but assisted every member in experiencing profound breakthroughs and valuable insights. I recommend her highly and regularly!                                            Stephanie Swink, RScP

Powerful & Lasting Effects

When I started work with my coach Tom, I was haunted by fears both named and unnamed. After only a few sessions the anxiety dissipated, and whenever it started creeping back the affirmations he gave me effectively and quickly smoothed my agitated mind. The affirmations acted like take-home prescriptions to  treat any reoccurring symptoms. I am surprised how my few gentle sessions had such powerful and lasting effects.                                                                                                                                      Ann L., Denver

Building Our Team

The Be Intentional team has a way of reaching inside you and making you really think, feel and see things that you have never thought about before. In our Leadership workshops, we were able to restore some of the trust issues that were thought lost. They helped us to really figure out what it means to be a “team”. With the help of Be Intentional, we have been able to come together and get a lot done.  It was not an easy process – but the value you gain is truly inspiring.                                                                               Debra M., DMLF